PANEL Artificial Sun:

An Exploration in UI/UX design

  • Class | Art 410
  • Type | UI/UX
  • Collaborators | None

PANEL is a project I did for a web design seminar class at PSU. This project was an exploration of designing something that could give the user an experience. The tech that I created is a wall mounted panel that simulates real world conditions as though it were a real window. The panel emits its own fake sun, and has a sense of depth. The viewer can program the window panel to operate at different times of day and set an alarm via a UI. the UI is wall mounted and can be placed in a differnt room like a hallway. The UI can control more than one panel allowing the user to install many in one home. It also has themes so the user can pick and choose a different mood, setting, time of day, or weather condition.