rechorded Mobile App:

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App home screen

This is the loading splash screen of the app. The app's purpose is to find the user a guitar chord easily and while he/she is playing. There are multiple ways of discovering chords and those methods will be broken down throughout this process.


App home screen

This page is the main app's landing page. It's also the App's zero state. This state allows you to make any chord you want through a variety of features. One particular feature is that you can touch and swipe the fret board which in turn can create a chord. However for the sake of this demonstration, let's search for a chord.


App home screen

This slide showcases a manual search functionality. Here you can tap a note or a symbol. By tapping on a few buttons simultaneously, the user can create every type of chord out there. Once finding the perfect chord is complete it will show up on the landing page.


App home screen

Here's the lifeblood of the app. Once a chord has been found it can be saved to a song or added to a favorites list (via a settings button at the top). There's also a variation button at the top right so a musician can find similar chord structures. An alternate way to removing the chord is by shaking the phone semi-vigorously.


App home screen

This slide is basically a modal box that allows you to add your current chord to a song stored in the app. You can thumb through a carousel of songs that you've made prior to building the chord, or you can add a new song and add the chord to it on the fly. Notice how the focus shifts from background to foreground. this softly forces your eyes to move in closer to your desired action.


App home screen

Here's what the record page looks like. You can hit record manually or by just strumming your guitar you can see live feedback of the chords you are playing. The microphone to the bottom left serves as a notifier if it's picking up sound, if something's being recorded, or if the WAV has paused or stopped. Any or all chords here can be selected and added to a song as well. An example of what makes this part of the app so great is that you can literally record a whole song and it will pick out all the chords of which you can then add to your song library. It's a great way of writing down music on the go!

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